We were a local furniture wholesaler in Lahore established in 1982 firstly named Ansari Steel Furniture but later on changes the name to Khalid Ansari Steel Furniture and in 2017 developed the whole new brand named as
K A F (Khalid Ansari Furnitures).

We are a local manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of the furniture in Lahore and we try to provide the best furniture at the best price. We are specialized in dining tables, dining chairs, visitor chairs, office sofas, center tables, Mora’s, and many more items. We are unique in a way that we can customize the product according to the customer’s demand especially the dining tables.

Our market is very vast and is expanded in all over Punjab. Our goal is to be the first Pakistani exporter of the furniture in the world. Our production facility is equipped with the latest technology and we have the expert employee as we do handicrafts design on the glass tables and try to make the innovative designs.

We believe in Quality and Standards because